Our Philosophy

Clients of Academy Financial Inc. have come to expect and should expect:

  • Integrity: All recommendations and actions conducted on your behalf will be for the sole purpose of satisfying your needs and achieving your goals with the clients’ best interest in mind. We provide all supporting information, transparency, and fully disclose any third-party relationships we utilize in serving you.  As the foundation for all meaningful relationships, we strive to earn and retain your trust with our character, competence and service.

  • Objectivity: We operate under an open architecture concept. There is no preconceived plan, product, or set of strategies that works for all clients. While some similarities may exist, our recommendations will be based upon your unique situation with a planning first mentality to best meet your goals and needs. 

  • Professionalism: Academy Financial, Inc. subscribes to the highest standards of ethical behavior as outlined in the Certified Financial Planners Board of Standard's Code of Ethics and the new Department of Labor guidelines to act in the clients’ best interest. Each advisor and staff member is dedicated to continuous improvement with ongoing education, achievement of a professional designation/certification, and active participation in financial services industry associations.

  • Technology: Today's marketplace is characterized by an overwhelming number of choices. Therefore, timely, accurate, and user-friendly information is critical for making well-informed decisions. Academy Financial, Inc. utilizes an infrastructure of technical specialists and state-of-the-art analysis to deliver the breadth of the global financial markets in a convenient and concise manner.  We promise to invest, grow, and partner with companies and processes and strive to achieve the best overall client experience. 

At Academy Financial, Inc. it is our uppermost desire that you become a long-term client whose goals and needs have been fully achieved through your trust and confidence in us. We understand that establishing this kind of relationship does not happen overnight. It requires time-tested, diligent work, keeping our promises, and exceeding your expectations whenever possible. Most of all, as our valued client, you will know how much we care.